Ten Observations from Rwanda

May 8, 2009  By: Africa Adventure Consultants

1. This country is really hilly.
2. It can be sunny and cloudy at the same time. In a related note, I can feel happy and sad at the same time here.
3. Tea plantations are beautiful but I like Rwandan coffee better.
4. Most Rwandans are really skinny. Could be all the walking up steep hills.
5. Half the mountain gorilla population resides in Rwanda. 70 percent of them are habituated to humans for tourism or research.
6. Primus and Mutzig are the two Rwandan beers. Both are good.
7. Mountain gorillas love to eat bamboo shoots.
8. Mountain gorillas fart a lot.
9. I’m not sure if there is any correlation between numbers 7 and 8.
10. 800,000 people lost their lives in the 94 genocide and the country is working hard to deal with the past and move forward.