Safari Gear – What to Take to Africa

August 27, 2009  By: Gretchen

Once you’ve figured out when you are going where to see what, the real fun begins–getting ready for your adventure in Africa. Your African safari is probably one of the biggest trips you’ll take this year, or maybe for several years, and it’s best to be prepared so you can enjoy every moment to its fullest.

While on safari in Africa, clothing, shoes, suitcases and gear can make all the difference. There’s nothing worse than being too hot, too cold, wearing clothes that got wet and won’t dry quickly or realizing your suitcase won’t fit in the very small bush plane!

At Africa Adventure Consultants, we spend weeks and weeks each year visiting our favorite camps and exploring the remote corners of Africa. We test bags, plug adapters, quick-dry clothing and more to make sure things work like they should and fit where they need to!

Whether you are getting ready for your safari or know someone who is heading to Africa, check out our tried and true favorites (great options for Christmas gifts, too!) or visit our Safari Shop for more information.