Kent is off to Mozambique!

October 2, 2009  By: Africa Adventure Consultants

Kent is heading off to Mozambique this weekend for an exploratory trip that includes the Bazaruto Archipelago, Gorongosa National Park and Beira.

Mozambique is one of Africa’s relatively undiscovered destinations. Maputo has had the life breathed back into it and is now easily accessible with direct daily flights from Johannesburg, South Africa. The remote reaches of Mozambique such as the northern islands, Ibo and others, and the regions of Gorongosa National Park and Lake Niassa (a.k.a. Lake Malawi) are still quite undiscovered and only the most adventurous and eager travelers visit.

Kent will provide a full trip report on accommodations, wildlife, transportation and services upon his return, but for now take a look at this short YouTube video created by the folks at Explore Gorongosa. It gives you a good idea of what Kent’s going to see. In the meantime, check back on the blog for updates from Kent while he’s in Africa and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.