Kent’s Favorite Uganda Safari – It’s On Sale!

November 19, 2009  By: Africa Adventure Consultants

Kent first visited Africa in 1987 and lived there for years. In addition to game trekking in much of East and Southern Africa, he has climbed Tanzania’s Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru, kayaked in Lake Malawi, dune-bashed in Namibia’s Skeleton Coast, tracked mountain gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda, and more.

“Uganda is sometimes called the “Pearl of Africa,” and I think nickname fits,” says Kent. “It really is a unique destination that offers a fantastic combination of primate viewing – gorillas, chimps and other monkeys – and big game safaris, not to mention beautiful scenery, Lake Victoria, the Nile River, and friendly people.”

“On one memorable gorilla trip, we set off in the morning with high spirits and sunny skies. Soon, constant rain dampened our spirits and turned the mud path treacherously slippery. Then, the silverback started running around chasing after “loose” females, while his “wives” and young frantically chased after him. We lagged behind, unable to bush bash as quickly as these gentle giants. By mid afternoon, we had seen no gorillas and were ready to turn back to ensure we got back before dark. Suddenly our guide got a message from one of the trackers letting us know they were just ahead. Scampering up the last 100 yards, we found the family sitting peacefully in a clearing, adults resting and grooming and the babies and young peeking out from their mothers’ bosoms. It was the hardest gorilla tracking I’ve done, but the most rewarding once we got there.