The Chimps of Greystoke Mahale!

December 18, 2009  By: Africa Adventure Consultants

The chimps of Mahale Mountains National Park are some of our favorite characters in Tanzania (Kelly recently voted the Wildest Tanzania Safari her favorite Tanzania safari). Luckily, we’re able to follow along with their latest antics all the way on this “side” of the World thanks to the Mahale Greystoke Guide’s Blog. The latest blog posting is particularly interesting; guide Gabriel recounts his sighting of an adult chimp “stealing” a baby colobus monkey.

“We found a group of four chimpanzees; Abi and her baby, Darwin and Kalunde. Abi and her baby were in one tree; Darwin and Kalunde were in another tree some distance away. In that same area, there was a small troop of red colobus up in the canopies of tall trees. Repeatedly the colobus gave sui-suiii alarm calls, warning one another of the danger around…” read more on Gabriel’s report.

Greystoke Mahale Camp rests on the white sandy shore of Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania’s remote Mahale Mountains National Park. If you ask any one of us at Africa Adventure Consultants who has experienced the camp, you’re sure to get a reply of “best experience in Africa” or “It’s on my Top 5 Safari To-Do List.” Secreted away in a corner of the world where you feel like you are the only person for miles, travelers consistently report back to us that Mahale Greystoke is truly a hidden gem.

Right now we have an incredible offer (it’s not often that discounts are available at Mahale!) on our 8-day Wildest Tanzania Safari that pairs Greystoke Mahale Camp with the equally exciting Chada Katavi Camp. If you book by March 31, 2010 for travel in 2010, you’ll save up to $1350 per person! We’re calling this one of the best deals we’ve seen all year. Call 1-866-778-1089 or email for more details or to book your Wildest Tanzania Safari and see the chimps in person!