One Small Step: Join Us in Observing Earth Hour

March 23, 2010  By: Gretchen

Africa Adventure Consultants has a long-standing commitment to protecting the environment. For years we have offset 50% of the carbon emissions for all of our safaris, while encouraging our clients to offset the other 50%. In 2010 we decided to go all the way: Now all of our safaris are 100% carbon neutral. Our US-based office is also 100% carbon neutral, and we strive to work with partners in Africa who share our passion for best practices and preserving critical habitats.

For 2010 we are also adding special Green Itineraries, such as our Tanzania Green Safari and the Mozambique Green Safari, which debuts this April. These trips utilize lodges and camps that stand out as having the most sustainable environmental practices in Africa. These include recycling, composting, using alternative energy sources (solar and wind power), water conservation, organic farming, giving back to the local community, and protecting wildlife habitat.

This Saturday, March 27th, we urge you to join us in observing Earth Hour. This is a worldwide call for action on climate change by doing something simple: turning off your lights for an hour from 8:30 to 9:30 pm. So far 26 US States and 115 countries have signed on to observe Earth Hour to show their solidarity for climate reform. Celebrities such as Edward Norton, Gisele Bundchen, and Tom Brady are on board, and we hope you will be too!