National Geographic Gorongosa Premier Tonight!

April 12, 2010  By: Africa Adventure Consultants

On April 12 the National Geographic special “Africa’s Lost Eden” will have its television premier at 10:00 pm on the National Geographic Wild channel. According to National Geographic Wild:

“It was said to be ‘the place where Noah left his Ark.’ Lush floodplains in central Mozambique packed with wild animals and more than 500 species of birds. But in 1977, civil war engulfed the area, and close to one million people lost their lives. Many thousands of buffalo, zebra and hippos were slaughtered for meat, and elephants for ivory. Of the 14,000 buffalo that roamed the savannah before the war, fewer than 15 remained; of the 3,000 zebra, just five. The legendary Gorongosa Wildlife Park had become an empty Eden with a broken ecosystem. Africa’s Lost Eden documents the extraordinary efforts of conservationists fighting to restore the park and replenish the animal populations. Travel to South Africa, where an unprecedented effort is under way to relocate elephants and hippos to Gorongosa, even as the wounded landscape is vulnerable to drought and fire. For a war-wounded country desperately seeking a symbol of hope, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

In fact, Gorongosa is a true conservation success story. Through the concerted efforts of American philanthropist Greg Carr, herds of buffalo, wildebeest, and other large mammals have been reintroduced to the park, which is steadily being restored to its former glory. This unique destination is included in our 15-day Adventurer’s Mozambique Safari which also takes you to Lake Niassa (Lake Malawi) and some of Mozambique’s pristine beaches. Or you might want to consider our new Mozambique Eco-Adventure, an 11-day trip which uses only the most environmentally sustainable properties including Guludo Beach Lodge, located on one of the top-rated “deserted beaches” on Earth.