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Our third foray into the Swahili language will concentrate on interactions with other people and making friends. After this lesson, you will be able to introduce yourself and learn a bit more about others.

Jina langu ni… My name is…
Nimefurahi kukutana nawe! Pleased to meet you!

Hujambo? (or Habari gani?) How are you?
Sijambo, wewe? Fine, thanks. And you?

Mnastarehe? Are you enjoying your stay?
Ndiyo, ninapapenda sana. Yes, I like it very much.

Unatoka wapi? Where do you come from?
Mimi ni… I’m…

Mmarekani American

Raiya wa Uingereza British

Mkanada Canadian

Leo kuzuri! What a lovely day!

Asante, nimefurahi sana jioni hii. Thank you, it’s been a wonderful evening.

Nimestarehe. I’ve enjoyed myself.
More next time. Keep practicing!

Photos courtesy Gretchen Healey

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