Swahili – lesson four

December 3, 2010  By: Africa Adventure Consultants


Have you been practicing your Swahili? We’ve had three lessons so far. We have focused on greetings, basic expressions and making friends. Today, we will add a few more expressions and phrases that you might find useful in your travels.

Nina furaha. I’m happy.

Nina njaa. I’m hungry.

Nini kiu. I’m thirsty.

Nisaidie tafadhali? Can you help me?

Nimechoka. I’m tired.

Ni maridadi. It’s beautiful.

Hii bei gani? How much is this?

Nikupatie kinywaji? Can I get you a drink?

Ni joto/baridi. It’s hot/cold.

Natumai tutakutana tena. I hope we’ll meet again.

Safari njema! Have a good trip!

Mbona unachecka? Why are you laughing?

Kivi kiswahili changu kibaya hivyo? Is my Swahili that bad?

That’s all for today. Stay tuned for lesson five where we will look at some words and phrases that will come in most handy while on safari.

Photos courtesy Gretchen Healey