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The lesson you’ve been waiting for – Swahili names for animals you’ll see on safari! Some of these you will no doubt recognize as they have been made popular in movies and pop culture. Others may be new to you. Work on them and you’ll be at the head of the class while on safari!

Nyani Baboon
Nyati Buffalo
Duma Cheetah
Mamba Crocodile
Tembo Elephant
Twiga Giraffe
Koboko Hippo
Fisi Hyena
Chui Leopard
Simba Lion

Nyani Monkey
Nungunungu Porcupine
Mbuni Ostrich
Kifaru Rhino
Nyoka Snake
Ngiri Warthog
Nyumbu Wildebeest
Punda Milia Zebra
Photos courtesy Gretchen Healey
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