‘Beyond the Hour’

March 30, 2011  By: Africa Adventure Consultants

Our partners at Sanctuary Retreats’ lodges and camps in Botswana, Zambia, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania all eagerly supported Earth Hour on Saturday, 26 March between 8:30 and 9:30 local time, switching off generators and all the lights in and around the camps. In line with Sanctuary’s theme this year the lodges and camps all managed to “Go Beyond the Hour”! Here, they share the efforts and celebration with us.

The staff at Sanctuary Olonana, our tented camp in the Masai Mara, spent Saturday afternoon at the nearby Enkereri Primary School where Julius, one of our staff members, gave a talk on sustainable practices. Sanctuary Olonana donated 50 trees to the cause and each of the students planted their own tree. All these trees were tagged with the students’ names and we believe this will create a sense of ownership and responsibility.

Later that evening, guests in camp celebrated Earth Hour with a candlelit dinner and even asked if the lights could stay off after 9:30 pm… Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp’s staff and guests also commemorated the day with a tree planting session. The camp staff then launched their ‘Conservation Club’ who will ensure that though various practices they not only conserve power but also come up with innovative practical ideas on environmental sustainability at the camp.

Hundreds of candles and lanterns were lit at all of our lodges and camps during dinner, with traditional song and dance performances by the staff providing the background music and entertainment for an unforgettable night under the African stars.

In Botswana Sanctuary Chobe Chilwero staff built a tree using recycled items and spelled “Earth Hour” with candles on the lawn in front of the lodge. At Sanctuary Sussi & Chuma in Zambia, the guides led a stargazing presentation well into the night – showcasing Sanctuary’s pledge to “Go Beyond the Hour”. Want to visit one of these great eco-lodges? Give us a call to plan your trip!

Photos courtesy Sanctuary Retreats