Book Review – From Microsoft to Malawi

May 18, 2011  By: Gretchen

This book is one of the stars of the Peace Corps genre of stories (there are scores of Peace Corps books out there, quite a few of which focus on assignments in Africa). Michael Buckler leaves his comfortable, corporate life for the Peace Corps after a personal shake up prompts him to pursue a calling with deeper meaning. What he discovers is that he not only has much to offer, but much to learn. This ‘diary’ of his two year assignment to a village in rural Malawi paints a vivid portrait of the country and its people, as well as the struggle a Westerner faces during such an incredible lifestyle change.

A wonderful bonus of purchasing this book is that the proceeds will fund the educations of three boys he met and tutored during his time in country.

It’s a quick and enjoyable read that will keep you captivated by its simple storytelling style, and by getting to know the wonderful people that Buckler meets and develops relationships with along with way.