H.O.P.E. for an Unreached World

May 23, 2011  By: Africa Adventure Consultants

Long time Africa Adventure Consultants client Sandra Washburn serves on the board of directors for a charity involved with community transformation throughout the globe. Her particular work focuses on Uganda. H.O.P.E. for an Unreached World is pursuing 501c3 status, but isn’t waiting for it to be finalized to get their feet on the ground working and to make a positive impact.

Sandra leaves for a trip to Uganda to visit the communities that HOPE works within next week. Gulu is located in Northern Uganda, and the district has been the location of much of the insurgent fighting by the Lord’s Resistance Army. Over 90% of the district population was displaced, mostly into camps clustered around towns and trading centers. To avoid abduction by the LRA thousands of children used to travel from rural areas to seek refuge in towns every night. There has been relative peace since 2007, so people can now focus on healing and community rebuilding.

Sandra is soliciting donations for some low cost items that can make a big impact. $16 purchases either a basketball (which are in short supply in Uganda!) or a talking watch for the blind. $8 purchases a braille atlas. Either amount makes a big difference.

In the evenings, basketball practice takes place at Karauna Ground (the municipal park). The men’s team are called the Gulu Hawks and are a registered team in division two basketball league. The women’s team is in the process of being formally organized. They are considering the name Gulu Pride for their team in honor of the teamwork exhibited by lionesses as they hunt.

There are 26 blind students at Gulu Primary, 18 blind students at Gulu High School and 6 blind students on HOPE scholarships at various secondary schools in Uganda. There are over 40 blind people outside of school-age within the community as well. During past projects, HOPE has had white canes custom made for blind community members, then instructed people in their use. Now they hope to distribute talking watches and atlases to those same community members.


To make a donation (and a difference!) to HOPE, visit their website.