Client Feedback – Botswana Great Wilderness Journey

August 8, 2011  By: Africa Adventure Consultants

We love it when clients take the time to give us direct feedback on their adventures. Sometimes it comes in the form of photos or video or safari stories, and sometimes it is a letter such as this. Every time we hear from a client, it reminds us of why we do what we do – ensuring our clients have the safari experience of a lifetime! Thanks to Kay Hamish-Ladd for the letter and the gorgeous photos!Kent, thanks so much for your help in selecting a safari for Africa. I think the Botswana Great Wilderness Safari was the perfect one for us. I wanted to pass along feedback on our wonderful guide in case you communicate with Wilderness Safaris on their staff. Kay

We just returned from a wonderful experience on your Botswana Great Wilderness safari. We believe that a major reason that our trip was so wonderful was our guide, Russell Crossey. My husband and I were part of a group of 5 people that included an 82 year old man and his 14 year old grandson. Every person in our group had wonderful things to say about Russell. He is a wonderful combination of experience and enthusiasm. He is extremely knowledgeable about animals, birds, history and geology. He could identify birds that we could barely see. His enthusiasm never waned from the dark of early morning when he woke us up until the dark of night when he escorted us back to our tents around elephants. He never was flustered, even when he was driving a vehicle that broke down when we were on the way to the Khwai airport and he had to call for someone to come get us in time to make our flight.

Russell was relentless in his efforts to find all the animals we hoped to see, including a leopard and wild dogs hunting at the break of dawn.

Russell is clearly liked and respected by camp staff and other guides. He was warmly greeted where we went. He was always flexible and adjusted the plans any time he heard about an animal sighting. He made sure everything ran smoothly for us and is a real credit to Wilderness Safaris. His combination of knowledge, experience and

personality must make him one of your top guides. He never seemed to tire of our relentless questions and had a wonderful sense of humor.

I had high expectations for our trip – I had waited 30 years to go on an African safari. Because of Russell, my experience exceeded my expectations. He created such a warm atmosphere for our group who had not known each other before the trip. Because of our experience, my husband and I now hope that we might be able to go on another trip with Wilderness Safaris and if we do we will be trying to get on another one led by Russell. We will also give his name to friends who are considering trips to Botswana.

On a separate note, we really liked the itinerary of the Great

Wilderness Safari but it would be nice to have a night or full day in

the Kasane and Chobe River area. We are very impressed with the

logistics and facilities that Wilderness Safaris offer.