Book Review: Africa Solo

October 5, 2011  By: Gretchen

Africa Solo takes readers on a journey from Algeria, through West and Central Africa, all the way to Nairobi, Kenya.  Armed with only a backpack full of belongings, author Kevin Kertscher walks, hitchikes, boats and takes buses on this bizarre and interesting journey.

During his travels, he meets exotic people in every locale, sleeps under a carpet of stars in the Sahara, takes a boat on the Congo river and visits mountain gorillas in Rwanda.  It’s a journey of epic proportions, and not everything goes smoothly; the book wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining if it had.

There is a bit more of Kertscher’s personal psychology than I’m interested in between the pages, but his visits to infrequently seen areas are intriguing.  His contact with locals and their cultures is limited by his constant moving, which is unfortunate.  The journey overall is certainly interesting and it makes for a good read.