Elephant Charge Zambia

November 16, 2011  By: Gretchen

The annual Elephant Charge is an off-road event held to raise money for Zambian conservation, wildlife and education causes. With a challenging course through the Zambian bush, a variety of teams compete in their choice of vehicle – from cars to motorbikes – in a weekend of fun, excitement and competition.

A total of 23 teams raised $82,633 for Zambian Conservation projects across the country. A very enthusiastic Sanctuary Retreats team started the off-road adventure at 7am on 23rd October. Unfortunately, the team suffered not one, but three punctures and had to carry new tires for 2 kilometres over the roughest terrain imaginable, up rocky hills, down gorges and valleys and all in 45 degree (Centigrade!) heat back to the Sanctuary headquarters to have them fixed.

They soldiered on, but by then the race was nearly over. They turned around and made it through the gauntlet and crossed the flag lines of the last three check points at 3pm just as the competition closed!

Even though the team couldn’t complete the entire course, they were recognised for their never fading spirit and energy by being awarded ‘The Spirit of the Event’ Trophy. congratulations to everyone who took part and donated for such a fantastic cause.

The 2011 Elephant Charge will assist in funding nine local conservation organisations working all over Zambia to help ensure a secure and sustainable future for the country’s diverse natural environments. These nine organisations include: The South Luangwa Conservation Society, Conservation Lower Zambezi, Project Luangwa, Lusaka National Park, Muzovu Project, Children in the Wilderness, North Luangwa Conservation, Kasanka National Park and the Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust.

Photo and story courtesy Sanctuary Retreats