Game Report: Desert Rhino Camp, Namibia

January 23, 2012  By: Gretchen

A great update from our friends at Desert Rhino Camp in the Kuneue area of Namibia.

Weather and Landscape

No rains yet… the landscape remains covered in a sea of yellow grass, dotted with Damaraland euphorbia and whip-stick acacias. The daytime temperatures have been ranging from warm to hot, with little cloud cover offering temporary respite from the searing heat.


Two weeks ago the rhino called Dessy was in estrus and she moved into Don’t Worry’s territory – ready for mating. Dessy is eight years old and has not had a calf yet, so we will be expecting her first calf in about 16 months’ time. Don’t Worry is a sub-dominant bull, born in 1990 and his home range size is about 110 square kilometres. He shares his home range with his three sons namely: Tensie, Teabag and Erwin.

After eight months of being absent from the Desert Rhino Camp area, Getaway decided to give the guests an early Christmas present and grace them with his presence on the 24th. He is known to be very nervous but during this sighting he was really relaxed and calm and allowed the guests to watch him for some time. He is a breeding bull, born in 1975, and his home range is about 409 square kilometres. All in all, our guests had good rhino sightings during December.

General game viewing was also very good. Elephants were seen a few times; a breeding herd of nine, plus a lone bull. We also spotted a leopard with the guests – the animal was very relaxed and thus provided the guests with a superb sighting which lasted a good eight or nine minutes – this provided great photographic opportunities for all.

Birds and Birding

Bird life present in the area, in the form of Secretarybird, Ludwig’s Bustard, Swallow-tailed Bee-eater, as well as Black-chested Snake-Eagle, were seen regularly, but due to the lack of rains, no visiting migrant birds just yet.

Guest Comments

“The variety of animals seen in this environment was mind blowing and was enhanced by the beauty and starkness of the landscape.”

“The use and awareness of conservation was excellent.”

“Dedicated staff, excellent service, and top safety of guests. Information of tracking, professional guides – thank you! The environment was beautiful and provided a true feeling of wilderness and serenity.”

Report courtesy of Wilderness Safaris

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