Game Report: Selinda Camp

April 2, 2012  By: Gretchen

This game report comes to us from our friends at Great Plains and the staff at Selinda Camp in Botswana.

March has seen the Selinda Reserve looking lush and green as the rains come to an end and the animals soak up the last of the Summer’s sunshine. The migrants birds are all still around as they fill up their tummies for their flight north in the next few weeks. Many guests have been delighted with the Carmine Bee-Eaters who fly alongside the cars, waiting for the insects to jump out of the way. Their beautiful crimson breasts are spectacular in the morning light. There have also been some great sightings of the Ground Hornbills, who are successfully breeding in the area and are often seen with juveniles.

We have had more regular sightings of the mother and cub leopard who are totally relaxed around guests, acting somewhat like models posing in the branches, stretching alongside a log and generally entertaining guests. It seems as though mum is prepping her cub for the big world as sometimes they are together but are also spotted separately while hunting.

As the floodwaters begin to rise, the hippos spread out a little, settling into new areas and coming onto
land for their nightly feed. On the odd occasion one can hear an assortment of vocals as two males flight for new territory. This experience is hard to forget as the noises reverberate through the night, almost amplified but the stillness of the evening air.

March is a lovely time of year to be in the bush, temperate weather, lush green vegetation, beautiful grasses and a variety of wildlife. When the breeze picks up, one can almost sense the changing of seasons. The mornings start to get cooler and the days shorter and one can watch the sun rise migrating across the horizon. There are interesting times ahead with the rising water levels, forcing the Okavango system and its inhabitants to once again adjust to the seasonal changes.

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