Book Review: Serengeti – The Eternal Beginning

April 4, 2012  By: Gretchen

Boyd Norton’s newest book is full of gorgeous photographs that take the reader on a stunning journey through the Serengeti ecosystem.  This book absolutely overflows with captivating images that place the reader directly on the plains to witness Africa’s stunning displays of nature.

Serengeti isn’t only photos, if you can tear your eyes away from them there is a great deal of text that accompanies them.  It is full of stories of Norton’s visits, anecdotes about the wildlife and history and facts about the ecosystem and its inhabitants.

It is also a story about conservation and preservation.  Boyd has been a tireless conservationist and not only documents wild places and their environmental issues, he follows up with action; he is the founder of the non-profit Serengeti Watch.  Much of the proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the charity.

Journey to Serengeti for the first time through these pages or take a visit once again – this book brings the magic of one of Africa’s most famous landscapes alive.  Highly recommended.