Kilimanjaro Trek Training

April 11, 2012  By: Gretchen

This August we are offering a ‘Friends and Family Kili Trek’ for the first time.  Unfortunately, if haven’t already reserved a space, you’ve missed the boat – the trip sold out quickly!  That said, we have lots of other Kilimanjaro climb itineraries. Check out what we have on offer and see what’s right for you.

In the interim, we’d like to offer some training tips.  Kim and Jenny will be hosting our August Friends and Family Trek and they’ve started a training regimen already.

Their first focus is on strengthening their legs & building up endurance.  As a part of their training,  they’ve begun riding bikes to and from work every day.  Additionally, they are taking weekend hikes in the Colorado foothills.  Last weekend, they climbed Bear Peak in Boulder.  It’s a 7 mile round trip hike that starts at 6,080 feet and climbs to 8,461 feet.  The climb typically takes 5-7 hours.

Stay tuned to the blog to see how their training regimen progresses.