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Kim and Jenny are at it again – this time along with Shala Terfer, one of the folks lucky enough to get a spot on our AAC Friends & Family Kili Trek.  Their most recent training climb in preparation to trek Kilimanjaro in August was the Manitou Incline.  This is fantastic training as it covers quite a bit of elevation gain in a very short distance.  The climb is located near Pike’s Peak, just outside of Manitou Springs.

The Manitou Incline was completed in 1907.  It was a 1 mile cable tram built to support the construction of a hydroelectric plant and its waterline.  After construction was completed, the railway was turned into a tourist attraction. The incline boasted a 16 minute ride to “scenic splendors”, 10 miles of hiking trails in Mount Manitou Park, and claimed to be the “longest and highest incline on the globe.”

The Incline closed in 1990 after a rock slide damaged the tracks.  The decision was made to cease the failing operation and focus on the profitable Pike’s Peak Cog Railway.  The route has seen a steady stream of runners, joggers, hikers, walkers, and even some crawlers since closure.  Kim, Jenny and Shala conquered it in 45 minutes – well done!  Sounds like they’re in great shape to tackle Kilimanjaro’s Shira Route!

Stay tuned to the blog for more training tips and treks and call us if you’d like to plan your own Kili trek!

 Photos courtesy Jennie Salentine, Incline history courtesy manitouincline.net

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