Packing Essentials

May 7, 2012  By: Gretchen

As we’re off to different corners of Africa we had a chat about what we have to have with us when we travel.  Not the list of ‘what to bring on safari‘ (though some of these items appear on that list), but what we wouldn’t even consider heading to the airport without.

Kent’s number one item is a flashlight or headlamp. It is invaluable while on safari – whether for going to and from your tent at night, or reading while your tent mate is sleeping or simply finding something in the darkness.

Susan’s go-to item is a book.  You can’t endure two trans-continental flights without some good reading materials!  Better yet, many camps have small libraries where you can trade the book you came with for a new book so that you have fresh reading material throughout your journey.

Kim is wise in that she would never leave home without her hat and sunscreen.  Given that she’s going to trek Kilimanjaro in August and is training here in Colorado in the meantime, we all agreed that these are a critical packing items!

Jenny wisely brings a travel pillow for those long flights (and to augment your pillows in various lodgings if needed), as well as warm socks for the plane ride and those chilly nights on safari.

Gretchen won’t leave home without a compact pair of binoculars for every person that’s going on safari. She just doesn’t like to share during a good sighting!

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