Game Report – Zarafa Camp

May 23, 2012  By: Gretchen

We love to bring you updates of what’s going on at various camps across east and southern Africa.  The beautiful Zarafa Camp in Botswana had a variety of fun news this month, so have a read and transport yourself to the Savute Channel and all the wonder the area has to offer.

Many of Zarafa’s guests took up the brand new offer for breakfast to go. Tea and coffee are delivered to your room with your wake up and when you are ready you are taken straight out into the field in order maximize the best morning light.

Recently, some guests going out super early and had breakfast on our house boat so they could watch the sun rise from the lagoon with a coffee and croissant in hand – nothing beats that!

The elephants are here in force as the water holes surrounding us are drying up fast so they come into the marshes to drink; so we are seeing them daily.

Hippos are a guarantee at Zarafa; it is just a question of how you want to see and hear them! Night drives a plenty this month has allowed them to be seen feeding out of the water.

Easter was great fun with treasure hunts for the children. We decided the Easter bunny could be replaced by the springhare, seen on the night drives.

Lions, Lions, Lions. For a week they were camped near the airstrip, gorging on buffalo. Many of our guests were treated to the pride of 15 lionesses and cubs only 5 minutes into their visit.

A brief Cheetah siting up north with the boys making a kudu kill keeping them stationary for a while.

Wild Dog came up trumps for many of our guests including a group who saw them hunting whilst on a walk. Quite safe, they ignore humans and focus on impala, amazing sighting.

That is just the game viewing!

We also had 100 candle dinner for guests, more dinners in the bush, lunches on the boat, all day picnics to the north of the concession, singing and dancing when ever the staff had an excuse, breakfast in bed with a Zarrafacino, croissants in the bush with home made marmalade, the best chocolate brownies in the southern hemisphere,…!

Zarafa is a place of tranquility, peace, luxury, relaxation and we had all this and more in April and for the more adventurous amongst our guests there was lots of bush walks, with a particularly fantastic siting of a genet in the day time.

Congratulations to one of our Selinda canoe Trail guides, Josh Iremonger, who completed a canoe trip down Lake Tanganyika recently smashing the world record, completing it in 22 days! Well done Josh and good luck in Selinda Canoe Trail season that have just commenced.