Game Report: Mala Mala

June 4, 2012  By: Gretchen

Mala Mala in South Africa is consistently abundant.  We thought we’d check in with our friends there to find out what’s been seen lately and we got this report for one week of  sightings (and this is only the ‘big stuff’).  Pretty impressive!

An incredible week at MalaMala.  Lions a-plenty, leopards mating and the discovery of some new arrivals from one of our favorite leopards. We also enjoyed two sightings of the elusive Cape Hunting dogs, and once again saw the two cheetah brothers at Clarendon Dam. And there you have it …. The MalaMala Seven.

Here are the numbers….

  • Lion sightings: 15
  • Leopard sightings: 24
  • Cheetah sightings: 1
  • Wild dog sightings: 2
  • Elephant sightings: 34
  • Buffalo sightings: 26

Want to see Mala Mala for yourself?  Give us a call and we’ll get you there.

game report courtesy Mala Mala