Game Report: Duba Plains

June 22, 2012  By: Gretchen

Today’s game report comes from our friends at Duba Plains in Botswana.  The floods that were pushing up quickly in the last weeks of April and early weeks of May have since receded. We still expect the water level to rise very soon as we haven’t reached the peak season.

Despite this, the game viewing has been great with the Tsaro Pride being seen almost every day. The pride is doing well and is often seen in smaller groups, with the three females with four cubs  doing the rounds in the area. This group killed a female buffalo and its calf near Duba Plains on the 30th of April. Additionally, a buffalo cow fell prey to these lions on the 15th May. On the 21st of May at Python Island five lionesses and six juveniles were spotted lying idly and hungry. On other occasions, the lions would be feeding on or hunting reed bucks and warthogs.

Two females of the Skimmer Pride were seen on the 3rd of May. They were highly mobile to the south and have not been seen again. The rise in water levels has made these southern sections almost inaccessible and once these animals cross so far south (usually in pursuit of  buffaloes) it is hard to trace them.

During May though the Duba Plains buffalo herd was seen almost every second day and in most cases they would be grazing with either lions stalking them or not far off guarding a recent kill.

Want to visit this camp and try for lion sightings like these?