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Kim and Jenny aren’t the only ones training for our AAC Friends & Family Kili Trek. Scott and Amanda Brown are two of the lucky people going on the trip and have been doing their own training regimen on Colorado’s 14,000+ foot peaks. We have a few summit photos from them to share.

The first photo finds Amanda on top of Mt. Elbert which is Colorado’s highest peak at 14,440 feet (doesn’t she make it look easy?). Elevation gains depending on route range from 4,100 feet to 5,300 feet – no easy hike!

The second photo was taken on top of Mt. Evans at 14,265 feet. Mt. Evans is one of the most recognizable peaks on Colorado’s front range. You can drive to the top on North America’s highest paved road (and it is an amazing drive!), but the Browns chose to hike to get ready for their Tanzanian climb. We’re sure all this work will pay off when they gaze over Africa from its highest point. Good luck Scott and Amanda!

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