Game Report: Duba Plains Camp

August 1, 2012  By: Gretchen

pic by Martin MathumoOur friends at Botswana’s Duba Plains Camp had a rather exciting morning last week.  It started early in the morning when the Tsaro lion pride crossed the Duba Plains bridge from the south and moved very quickly towards the airstrip where they stopped for about three minutes before proceeding to Hammerkop Island, searching each and every corner of the smaller islands. The search quickly paid off when they found two warthogs with a baby. Five lions went for the bigger warthog and one sub adult lioness went for the baby warthog. The baby warthog was quicker and made it to a nearby 175hole. The other five lions had an upper hand on one warthog that was cornered at a shallow crossing and we heard the confirmation of their success from the warthog as the lions made quick breakfast for themselves. The remaining warthog came back at full speed in an effort to scare off the lions or rescue the other but that was mission impossible. In less than five minutes there was nothing left of the deceased warthog and the lions continued with their journey.

Photos and story courtesy Duba Plains Camp and Great Plains Conservation