Namibia in the Green Season

September 28, 2012  By: Gretchen

While we’d be happy visit Namibia any time of year, there’s some magic to be had during the green season.

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Namibia in the Green Season

1. Escape the damp and dismal northern hemisphere winters, as well as the short days and long nights at that time of year.

2. Enjoy the warm sunny summer days in Namibia (average min/max temperatures over that period are 17/29 ºC and low average relative humidity of 30%).

3. When and if it rains, it is in the form of short spectacular afternoon thundershowers which generally only last an hour or so.

4. Experience the ‘season of bounty’, which includes a green and flowering desert and all forms of life looking strong and healthy. This includes spectacular birding opportunities with migratory species flocking in to enjoy this abundance.

5. Observe the main calving season for most antelope species and the resulting heightened activity among predators.

6. Look out for antelope species which also tend to congregate in larger herds at this time of the year, allowing for great wildlife photography.

7. Breathe the air which is crisp and clean as there is very limited dust or haze in the air, allowing for great landscape photography.

8. Avoid the crowds (a relative term in Namibia) of the high season and ensure you stay at the right places because availability is good.

9. Share the excitement and enjoyment of the Namibian people at that time of year when they welcome the rains which ensure accessible good grazing for the next few months and also plentiful wild fruit and other natural treasures.

10. Take advantage of the best possible rates for high quality guided safaris.

Top 10 list courtesy of Ultimate Safaris