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AAC Friends & Family traveler Shala Terfehr Lasonde recently provided some feedback about her adventures in Tanzania.

‘…the Guides were great and so were the porters. Everything was set up fast and wonderfully and we always felt welcomed. It was awesome to get to the top of Crater Rim as the Western Breach was really hard. Getting to the top [of Kilimanjaro] was second to that. It was such a group effort – we all waited with baited breath until the last one crossed over the Rim.’

‘Overall, Tanzania and the trip was amazing. I loved the people, our group, our guides, and doing both the safari and the hike. I think AAC does an amazing job of giving a range of lodges, experiences, and add-ons. It was great!’

Thanks, Shala!  We’re so glad you could travel with us.  Congratulations on reaching the roof of Africa!!

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