Wildlife Spotlight: Grey Crowned Crane

October 9, 2012  By: Gretchen

Size and weight: Adults measure 100-110cm (3.3-3.6ft) from head to tail with a 180-200cm (5.9-6.6ft) wingspan. They weigh 3-4kg (6.6-8.8lbs)

Habitat: Wetlands and open grasslands

Status: Vulnerable

Interesting facts

1. They aren’t picky eaters; they will feed on insects, lizards, amphibians, fish, grasses and seeds. This has helped them adapt to changes to the landscape made by humans. In fact, they are often found around agricultural lands and man-made wetlands.

2. Thanks to their long hind toe, they are one of only two species of crane that perch and sometimes build nests in trees. Staying in trees helps these cranes avoid predators on the ground.

3. On average, they lay 2-3 eggs at a time. This is the largest average egg clutch of any crane.

Facts courtesy Earth Rangers

Photo courtesy Frank Weitzer