White Lions at Tanda Tula

October 15, 2012  By: Gretchen
Guests Find Rare White Lions!

We’ll be visiting South Africa’s Tanda Tula this December and we realize that while the odds of seeing a white lion while we are there are small, we’re crossing our fingers anyway.  Recent guests were lucky and spotted them!  Here’s the story.

A very rare white lion

“I can’t remember the last time we saw them,” said Ranger Foremen, “it’s been at least a year. We saw two, an older female (two and a half to three years old) and a male aged about one year.”

The striking pair was among the large Giraffe Pride which resides in the South West region of the Timbavati.

Tanda Tula General Manager and long-time Ranger Dale Jackson says they know of only four of these unique animals in the area. “White lions are incredibly rare, but the Timbavati has always been a successful breeding ground for them. It’s good to see the gene is still alive and well.”

For a White Lion cub to be born, both parents have to carry the recessive gene which gives them the snowy coat and translucent blue eyes, but what is interesting is that these parents do not need to be White Lions themselves.

A White Lion sighting is a rare privilege which none of our guests will ever forget.

Story courtesy Tanda Tula – words by Jacquie Gauthier,  photographs by Civilised Mathebula.