Game Report: Selinda Camp

October 17, 2012  By: Gretchen

As we mentioned in earlier postings, we’ll be in southern Africa this December, and that includes three sublime days at Botswana’s Selinda Camp.  We’re excited as can be and are marking the time until we depart by reading game reports.  This one just came in and reads like a dream!

Some great sightings last week for our guests, a quick summary:

– Wild dogs, all 18 including 8 pupppies, were seen hunting, catching and feeding on a female kudu. Unusual as their normal prey is impala, they have plenty mouths to feed these days though.

– 4 female lions taking down a large male kudu (not the kudu’s week).  This is some good hunting for the girls. Kudus are a large antelope and those horns are quite an obstacle!

– The discovery (1km from camp) of 2 new lion cubs.  About 2 weeks old and just opening their eyes. The lion numbers on the concession are forever expanding.

– The male lion from Namibia is back!  A new lion upsetting the balance with plenty of territorial roaring. He was heard this morning close to camp.  Let’s hope he stays clear of those lion cubs.

– Good leopard sighting with the pictured female seen up a tree grooming. This was on the same day as the lion and wild dog kill…quite the predator spectacular that day!

– Our “friendly” resident hippo providing a regular walk through the camp.  He is an outcast from his old pod and likes to shelter from other territorial males at Selinda. Great for photo opportunities.

– Good roan antelope sightings now at the airstrip. One of the rarest antelope and can be seen on the way to camp now.

– October continues to warm up so literally hundreds of elephant have been seen from our boat coming down to drink on the Selinda Spilway

Wow!  We can’t wait to visit!

Game report courtesy Selinda Camp and Great Plains Conservation

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