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Today we have something a little different – vehicle news from our partners at Lion Sands and Tinga in South Africa.

All of the land rovers at both Lion Sands and Tinga have been upgraded, ensuring operations continue to align with the long-term philosophy of being more environmentally friendly. This upgrade has enabled us to operate more efficient vehicles, coupled with the added benefit of giving our guests a quieter and more comfortable safari experience.

For the enthusiast, the vehicle specifications & benefits are:

  • 2.2 L engine which is smaller, resulting in lower carbon emissions
  • Sound-proofed engine housing which significantly reduces noise
  • Waterproof iPad holders in central consoles
  • LED side lights to illuminate steps at night
  • New neutral grey color (tested and proven to be the most neutral colour for our surroundings)
  • 220V charging points to charge cameras and other photographic equipment
  • Non essential electronics such as ABS, aircon etc have been removed in order to make the vehicle more environmentally efficient
  • Bucket seats improved – built in springs for comfort, and arm rests if required
  • Fully customizable seating ranging from 6 passengers (with centre consoles) to 9 passengers (with no consoles)
  • Blue tooth radio connectivity to assist in reducing radio static
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