Game Report: Selinda Camp

December 10, 2012  By: Gretchen

Here’s a ‘problem’ we hope to encounter on our visit to Botswana’s Selinda Camp later this week!

We had an emergency at Selinda Camp last month in the form of a road block created by our wild dog pack, the red listed endangered species. With a plane on the way from Maun, our guests were due to fly out that morning.  All was going well with the transfer, when we realized the car taking the guests to the airstrip was rather inaccessible (pictured). We have a ten minute transfer on a boat prior to jumping on a vehicle for 20 minutes to the airstrip.  The only problem was the vehicle was surrounded by wild dogs so we were stuck.  Some quick thinking from the guides allowed another vehicle to arrive and take the guests on time to there plane.

The plane was connecting to Air Botswana, we were just imagining the excuse for the guests being late if we were not able to make a plan!