Game Report: Sabi Sabi Game Reserve

December 28, 2012  By: Gretchen

Our recent visit to Sabi Sabi’s Earth Lodge in South Africa was filled with eye-popping wildlife sightings.  We’ll share some of our photos and stories in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, here’s a recent ranger report and some gorgeous photos.  If reading this makes you want to hop on a plane to see it all for yourself, give us a call!

What a great few days, we have been so lucky to see the things we have. The bush has been pumping and even with the sprinkles of rain here and there, the animals have been performing perfectly. Floppy Ears’ cubs have been seen very regularly and are spending more and more time with the pride. Their playful nature and the willing babysitters, in the form of the sub adults, have provided us with hours of entertainment for all the guests who have had the opportunity to see them.

lioness at sabi sabi

lions drinking at the waterhole infront of sabi sabi bush lodge

Sandriver is looking amazing and has been devastating the warthog population after he killed 2 warthogs in 2 days. His blind eye looks straight through you as his majesty shines bright. It amazes me that at 13 years of age he remains in such good condition. Through all my time in the bush, he has stood out for me as the most magnificent cat and in years to come, I will look back on him with the fondest of memories.

leopard at night safari

leopard at night

The elephants have been everywhere, with big and small herds moving through the reserve, big males following them and the inevitable interaction that comes with the males and females coming together. We have also enjoyed a myriad of buffalo sightings over the last few days.

elephant while on safari at sabi sabi

elephant sighting while on safari game drive

elephant baby while on safari at sabi sabi

Before I sound like I have been Big 5’ing, the bush is just filled with the sounds of summer. Getting up early to the sound of the dawn chorus echoing across the savannah, filling the ears with the beautiful noise of the bush and when the birds drift off to sleep, the insects and frogs take over. Life is flourishing all across the reserve and whilst enjoying dinner, the loud roars of the Kruger male moving in front of the lodge quickly silence us. Even the insects went quiet at the booming bass escaping from this beautiful male in his prime. What a blessing to be able to enjoy this and show the guests all the amazing sights, sounds and smells of our little piece of heaven.

kruger male lion on night safari


super sighting

Story and photos courtesy Richard De Gouveia/Sabi Sabi Game Reserve