Game Report: Governors’ Camp Marsh Pride

January 14, 2013  By: Gretchen

There’s never a dull moment in Kenya’s Masai Mara.  Today’s game report from our friends at Governors’ Camp features the Marsh Pride of lions and a reunion of sorts. It’s more photos than words, as the lions are so photogenic!

Lioness Bibi reunites her cubs with the rest of the pride!  Yesterday Bibi was seen carrying one cub and the other two following her as they moved from Bila Shaka towards the airstrip. Early this morning at 1.00am we had a huge rainstorm. This morning at 8.00am Charm, Siena and Bibi were all at lake Nakuru feeding off a large male waterbuck.

Charm took great interest in Bibi’s cubs and Siena was a little uneasy to begin with, by 10.00am she had sobered up considerably. All in all there were 12 happy cubs all interacting with one another. One of Bibi’s cub is a character and likes playing by using its teeth and claws as can be seen on Bibi’s back and Charms tail. Bibi’s top right canine has a large gap between the incisors and this could have been an accident involving her mouth some time ago. Then the cubs and adults all moved to the airstrip and were playing under one of the Governors planes and were there to greet the new arrivals to Governors off the morning Air Kenya flight!

Report courtesy Governors’ Camp