Uganda Trip Feedback

February 18, 2013  By: Gretchen

Greg Barringer and Judy Barringer recently returned from a safari in Uganda.  As with all of our clients, we asked for feedback on their trip.  They had a wonderful time and we thought we’d share some of their comments regarding the highlights of their safari.

‘Basically, everything from the moment of our arrival to the moment we got on the plane to return! We saw more wildlife (including all of the ‘Big 5′, plus the treks for chimps and gorillas) than we imagined, the weather was perfect throughout the trip (how you were able to arrange that is beyond me), the accommodations each night were welcoming and comfortable, and the poeple (staff at lodges, guides at treks, guards at parks, etc.) were all friendly and helpful.

Above all was our superb guide and driver, Edward K., who enriched our experience beyond the abilities of a mere mortal.  For example, on our first full day in MFNP (Murchison Falls National Park), we came across another group of vehicles who had just seen a lion, and who were all parked together waiting for the lion to reappear. Edward, instead of staying with them, moved elsewhere, and within moments the lion emerged from the reeds and came right up to our vehicle, as thought the two of them (Edward and the lion) had pre-arranged it.


Every day Edward accomplished similar feats.  His knowledge of the beasts and birds, the fauna and topography, is truly phenomenal, as is his ability to spot targets of interest from unimaginable distances.  He could even direct us to the plate number and the position on that plate of a bird we were watching in the bird book we had brought with us.’

We’re always happy to hear client feedback, especially when it is so glowing. We do our very best to ensure every client’s experience in Africa is just as special!