Stella in Tanzania – Part I

March 15, 2013  By: Gretchen

Stella has arrived in Tanzania for an educational trip. She will visit a number of our favorite lodges throughout the Serengeti and will likely witness the wildebeest migration, as well as see lots of other animals.  We’re excited for her – and a little jealous!  Her is first feedback from her arrival.  We wish her safari njema!

How excited I am to finally be in Tanzania for the first time. After flying on South African Airways from JFK to Jo’burg then connecting to Dar es Salaam, we met our Tanganyika Flying Company pilot and continued to Arusha Airport. After a quick transfer through Arusha at rush hour, I arrived at Onsea House, overlooking the imposing outline of Mt. Meru. What a great backdrop for dinner, which was incredible! I had a lobster tail appetizer, grouper from the Indian Ocean for dinner, and a fresh raspberry puree with coconut ice cream for desert. But the real highlight at dinner was sharing my first night in Tanzania with all the new people I have met and will get to travel with over the next week. I am looking forward to sharing my travels through the Serengeti with you!