Stella’s Tanzania Trip Report: Day 5

April 8, 2013  By: Gretchen

Stella saw countless animals on her Tanzanian adventure, and this particular day, she managed to squeeze in a nap after a spectacular and brief rainstorm. Thank goodness – she had one busy safari!

Day 5 – Sayari Camp

Finally, a morning that we could sleep in, and I was still up before the sun. As amazing as the sunsets were, it was a privilege to greet the sun each morning. We gathered for breakfast and to give our group member and the staff at Lamai another goodbye. We were the last guests at Lamai for the season, and the staff was ready to get packed up before they departed for some well needed time off.

We put a little extra pressure on the guide to locate the rhino and leopard today. Recently, the park service had done some controlled burns in this area and the thought was that the rhino and cats may have moved off to another section to find grasses to graze on or grazers to feed on. Even though we did not find any cats or rhinos on this game drive, we did come across several herds of elephants. I could have spent all day watching these gentle giants move across the plain. Out of all the animals I saw while in Tanzania, the elephants were my favorite!

It was getting close to lunch time and we headed off to our last camp, Sayari. This permanent tented camp has tents with a large bedroom with an ensuite bathroom that included a flush toilet, rain shower and egg-shaped tub that looked out over the Lamai Wedge and into Kenya. Each room had a spacious deck with a couch to relax on.

At lunch, we decided that we would enjoy an afternoon walking safari after a siesta. I headed back to my tent and made myself comfortable on the couch on the patio with a good book. On the walk back to the tent, I had noticed that there were some dark clouds moving our way. Five minutes into my book, the skies opened up and the rain fell. Living in Colorado, we do not get rainfall like this and I was motivated to take advantage of this shower and danced in the rain! It was cold and refreshing! Within minutes, it felt like I had jumped into a pool. I only lasted ten minutes, but I can now say “I felt the rain down in Africa!”

After my dance with the African rain, I changed into dry clothes and sat in my bed to look through my photos. A hundred pictures in, I woke up, camera in hand, refreshed and ready for the walk. It was amazing how the sound and smell of the rain and the cool breeze induced the perfect afternoon nap.

I arrived in the main lounge to find out that the walk had been canceled. We were told that it will be too wet to trek today. For those of us who still wanted an afternoon activity, we loaded into one of the safari vehicles and set off to find out what animals are were out braving the rain. We found many impala and zebra and the klipspringer, which was a first for me. Then, we came across another herd of elephants playing in the mud. Once again, I found myself in love with these guys.

We headed back to camp and had just enough time to get ready for dinner.  Tonight, we were joined by a nice German couple on holiday and a honeymoon couple from the States. We set out to be on our best behavior, however 5 days in, this was a challenge. I believe this was the night we all laughed until it hurt looking back on our adventure.

Following dinner, we gathered around the fire for one last nightcap and it was off to my tent. I made myself a bath as this bathtub is not to be missed, and then it was bedtime. The next morning would be the start of our last day, and as all the other days, I would see the sun rise.