Stella’s Tanzania Trip Report: Day 6

April 10, 2013  By: Gretchen

Stella’s last day in the bush on her Tanzanian safari sounds perfect.  Isn’t it about time you visited the amazing Serengeti plains?

Day 6 – Final day on safari

I woke up this morning a little sad. This would be my last day in Africa on safari. Tomorrow, I would be on planes all day. We met in the main tent and headed out in a different direction to see if we would have more luck finding the rhinos and leopards. We drove around for several hours finding hippos, zebra, crocodiles, hyenas, Cape buffalo, giraffe, and warthogs, but still no rhino or leopards. Off in the distance, under an Acacia tree, our bush breakfast was waiting for us. There is nothing quite like breakfast in the bush and today I had a little friend join me, a tiny frog.

We continued on and not too far from breakfast, we were surrounded by two families of elephants. We sat and watched the juvenile males play together and the babies stretch their trunks. There was one bull male that made himself known a few times, but nothing serious. After a while, we continued back to camp.
Ahead of us, the other vehicle was stopped looking at something in the distance – four cheetahs on the hunt. How exciting!! We followed slowly behind the cheetahs watching to see what they would do. The guides informed us that the four young cheetahs and probably still a little inexperienced at hunting. As they made their way through the grass, we noticed a group of Thompson gazelles ahead; the cheetahs noticed them too. We sat and watched them for the nextseveral hours. In the long run, all the gazelles got away and the cheetahs set off in search of another meal…so did we!

Back at camp, I enjoyed a light lunch as dinner would be served soon. We were out for so long that morning, we decided to head down to the Mara River for sundowners. Best sunset of the entire trip! This night was our last dinner together. We had pepper stuffed chicken, red wine and hours of conversation. We enjoyed our final drinks around the fire and then I was off to bed for my last sleep in the bush.