Game Report: Tanda Tula

May 6, 2013  By: Africa Adventure Consultants

Safari Specialist Jenny is currently in South Africa visiting camps and enjoying the wildlife in the reserves around Kruger National Park. Tonight, she’ll be staying at the lovely Tanda Tula camp in the Timbavati Reserve. The camp has beautiful and comfortable tents scattered around an idyllic setting. The food is absolutely wonderful, and the wildlife is spectacular! We checked in to see what’s been happening lately and received this wonderful report from Dale, the camp’s manager. We’ll share Jenny’s stories of her visit upon her return.

It’s been an exciting few days in our area of the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve.

I managed to get a wonderful sequence of shots last week of leopard Rockfig Junior and her sub-adult cub having a rough and tumble in the late afternoon. These big five animals can be very playful at times, providing much entertainment to visitors of our safari camp. The young male cub is now larger than his mother and should be self sufficient very soon and it was fascinating to watch the interaction between mother and son.

Her tolerance of him grows shorter by the day, and after an initial friendly greeting tempers started to flair as he started throwing his superior weight around. Still, she put him in his place very quickly with a swift paw to the head! He immediately took on a very subdued approach and as Mom calmed down he slowly tried to cozy on up to her again.

I am sure she will be coming into estrus again very soon and will be covered by the large territorial male in the area. So time is ticking on the young male’s presence in his mother’s territory, as he will soon have to go out and fend for himself completely alone.

Interesting times await and we will keep you up to date on his progress.

If you’d like to visit this gorgeous camp, give us a call. We have lots of super specials on offer to combine to make the perfect South African safari!