Game Report: Il Moran

May 20, 2013  By: Gretchen

We love checking in with our friends at Kenya’s Governor’s Camps to hear what they’ve been seeing, as there is always something interesting to report. This month, we’re bringing news from their Il Moran camp.

Il Moran is the camp for those who want that extra bit of luxury. It is hidden under ancient trees deep in the forest. 10 tents line the winding banks of the Mara River right in the heart of the Masai Mara Game Reserve with superb game viewing right on your doorstep. Our brief report is from Il Moran’s manager, Patrick.

This cheetah is a young male from the MNC and he is about two years old now, he has been seen recently on the Musiara plains and then yesterday he was sighted near the causeway, by 5.30pm he was near the staff football pitch looking at a herd of impala. We are not sure how long he will stay in the area, with large numbers in the Marsh Pride of lions, this cheetah is bound to be forced to move on sooner or later.

The marsh has filled up considerably during the month and recently the water level has gone down, there are numerous water birds here and this particular hammerkop was very obliging.

Elephant now are in larger herds and can be seen throughout the marsh and Riverine woodlands. The marsh pride move back and forth between the


causeway and Lake Nakuru near the Little Governors junction. Yesterday evening three males were seen near little Governors junction.

This lovely herd of Buffalo were seen close to Little Governors Camp.

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