Game Sighting: Busanga Bush Camp

July 10, 2013  By: Gretchen

We love Zambia’s Busanga Bush Camp in Kafue National Park. It’s well off the beaten path and allows for a truly intimate bush experience with its four basic, but comfortable tents. We spent a memorable three days there a few years back and think it’s time to make the trek again! Men’s Journal agrees – they rated our ‘Best of Zimbabwe and Zambia’ safari as one of this summer’s best adventures. In the meantime, we must settle for the short tale of a very exciting sighting from one of Busanga’s rangers.

Sighting: A Once in a Lifetime Leopard Sighting!

Location: Kafue National Park, Zambia
Observer & Photographer: Samuel Simunji Simunji

After many years of guiding in the bush, this is by far one of the best sightings I have ever experienced! Three adult leopards came together and acted just like a pride of lions.

First, a young adult leopardess killed a crowned crane and just as she was about to start feeding, a large male arrived on the scene and stole the kill away. The female casually stepped aside and observed with a certain amount of curiosity.

If things could get more interesting and bizarre, a second adult male appeared and waited in line, watching the other male feed. The scene had built up to a large male feeding with two other leopards sitting closely together waiting for their turn to feed. The sighting took place between Musanza Camp and Busanga Bush Camp.