Born Free Foundation Boma Project in Amboseli

August 28, 2013  By: Gretchen

The Maasai are a nomadic tribe in the Great Rift Valley who have increasingly become semi-nomadic over the years. Amboseli is home to a large Maasai population who rely on the landscape to graze their cattle. The Maasai lifestyle and culture is centered around their cattle, with a family’s wealth being determined by the number of cattle that they keep.

Cattle are traditionally kept at night within a “boma” (an enclosure with a fence made from thorn bushes) inside a small Maasai village called an “enkang” made up of a series of  individual huts that are constructed using traditional techniques and natural materials such as cow dung, branches and mud. The thornbush bomas are meant to deter predators from entering the livestock area. However, strengthened lion-proof bomas with chain link wire fences and strong wooden fencing posts have proven to be much more effective in protecting the community’s livestock against predation at night.

On August 10th and 11th 2013, our partners at Gamewatchers Safaris in Kenya hosted the Born Free Foundation in Amboseli. Born Free generously chose one of the Eselenkei community members (Ledikae Parlole) as a beneficiary of one of their lion-proof bomas. Due to increased habitat loss, predators are increasingly entering populated areas and attacking the livestock of the communities. Gamewatchers aims to create a safe-haven for wildlife in order to prevent them roaming outside of the protected areas and killing livestock. Thanks to the help of the Born Free Foundation, Ledikae and his family can sleep soundly at night knowing that their valuable livestock is safe within the confines of their new boma.

Should you wish to visit the Selenkay Conservancy bordering Amboseli National Park in Kenya, (the area where the Eselenkei community members live), check out our Kenya Wilderness Safari. Should you wish to donate to Gamewatchers lion-proof bomas project, please contact Gretchen at for details.