Surprise Attack at Tswalu Kalahari!

September 26, 2013  By: Gretchen
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Every day spent in the African bush is a special one, however sometimes visitors are treated to truly exceptional sightings. We recently heard of this incredible encounter from our friends at Tswalu Kalahari in South Africa – an unforgettable day for the few privileged enough to be there!

Alpha female and male meerkats sunning themselves moments before the chaos broke out (left)

There are moments that we experience out in the bush that strengthen our desire to be out here, moments that stand out as unusual or incredibly special or beautiful, depending on what magic moments nature throws our way. This is one such sighting that I can’t possibly ever forget. The atmosphere was calm and serene as we stood watching the meerkats pop their heads up out of the untitled (1 of 1)-23burrow and look into the rising Kalahari sun. But it was suddenly broken by an African wild cat, which had been so well hidden in a nearby bush that not even the meerkats noticed it. For the first few seconds I was totally confused as it was all happening so fast. It took a bit of time for me to realize what was going on. It is hard to describe my feeling of excitement and the adrenaline I felt as the sequence unfolded in front of me, a mere 5 metres away. Below is the sequence of events from this rare and spectacular sighting.

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I have only ever heard of a few African wild cats being spotted lurking around the vicinity of the burrows, but I had never seen one myself at Tswalu. It was simply a matter of being in the right place at the right time.