New Lion Cubs at Mala Mala

November 5, 2013  By: Gretchen

Mala Mala is a special family of camps settled in a beautiful private concession outside of South Africa’s Kruger Park. The game in the area is incredibly prolific, and we’re always hearing about interesting sightings during their game drives. Recently, they were overjoyed to find that one of the Marthly lion pride females had given birth to four cubs. They’ve shared a few stories and photos with us, which we pass on to you. Who could ever get tired of looking at lion cubs?

Three weeks ago, the lactating Marthly lioness was found crossing the Sand River. She was hesitantly looking behind her as if being followed through the rocky river bed. After hearing her contact calling, rangers realized it may be her four new cubs, which had not been seen. Ranger Daniel Fincham waited anxiously as the lioness turned back in the direction she had come from. After disappearing into the reed bed, she re-emerged holding one of the little cubs in the gentle grip of her mouth.

For over a week we enjoyed constant sightings of the three lionesses and the cubs, as well as the Manyelethi male lions too from time to time. The lionesses killed a waterbuck near Main Camp and a large male Kudu in the Sand River just south of there. The two kills provided stationary sightings where all rangers and guests watched the lion interaction closely. The thinner sub-adult female on the right is often treated like an outsider, and gets chased off kills by the other lions and lionesses.

One morning the lions finished feeding off the waterbuck kill before making their way down to the river in front of the Main Camp. The cubs were very active during the early part of the morning and played for hours on the river banks.

You can visit Mala Mala for a chance to spot the new Marthly cubs. Our Southern Africa Deluxe safari spends three nights in the camp, in addition to two days hiking in the beautiful Drakensberg Mountains and three more nights of great game viewing at Mashatu in Botswana. Call one of our safari specialists to check availability!