Top 10 Namibia Travel Tips

December 3, 2013  By: Gretchen

After my recent visit, here are my updated top 10 travel tips for visiting Namibia.

Dunes, Kunene, Namibia

  1. Take a scenic flight over the Skeleton Coast, either from Sossusvlei to Swakopmund, from Swakopmund or further north along the Skeleton Coast including Cape Cross or Terrace Bay.
  2. Pack lightly: Many visits to Namibia include small plane flights which have restrictive luggage weight limits.
  3. Dress in layers. Namibia can be cold, hot, dry and damp in the same day, sometimes within hours.
  4. Bring a sun hat and sunscreen. You’ll spend a lot of time in the hot sun.
  5. Bring sturdy walking shoes as you’ll normally spend some time walking on sand, on the beach, in the hills or mountains, etc. While I usually take flip flops, some sport sandals would have been a better choice for walking on hot sand.
  6. Bring a three-pronged, big rounded “M”-style adapter. It’s not found on many multi-plug adapters.
  7. Bring your patience/Get your Zen on: distances are great and travel times can be long; life moves slowly; things take time. You’ll enjoy yourself if you slow down and let things come as they may.
  8. Connect with local people. Namibians are generally very friendly, and even the less outgoing tribes are very interesting if you take the time to interact with them.
  9. Study up on brown: I found myself running out of adjectives to describe the seemingly unlimited number of shades of brown we could see. Dark, espresso, cocoa, burnt, reddish, black…
  10. Come with important questions:  With its gorgeous sunsets, awesome night skies, and wide open spaces, Namibia provides a fantastic place to reflect on life’s burning questions.

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