Cycling Soweto

January 13, 2014  By: Gretchen

AAC Soweto Bike 2

Kent enjoyed a bit of time in Johannesburg en route to Namibia back in October. One highlight of his visit was a bike tour through Soweto, an activity that was recently highlighted on CNN. He relives the experience here.

I’ve toured Johannesburg and Soweto many times, but on my recent visit, I tried a biking tour through Soweto for the first time and I highly recommend it! Sure, the bikes at Soweto Bicycle Tours (commonly referred to as Lebo’s) weren’t that great when they were built and have seen a lot of use since. And the brakes seemed barely up to the task of stopping my 165 pounds on some of the steep hills. Even so, it was a fantastic way to see parts of the vibrant community of Soweto. The guides were entertaining and stops on local streets and markets were very interesting. It allowed us to get closer to the people in a fast and efficient manner. A two-hour tour was plenty for me, but there are also 4-hour and full-day tours available, all at reasonable prices.

A bike tour is an easy add-on to a stop in Johannesburg. Chat with one of our safari specialists to discuss making this experience a part of your trip!