Kenya Game Report from Governors Camp

February 25, 2014  By: Gretchen

We love March in Kenya’s Masai Mara and we think you will too, here are all the reasons why we think you should experience the Masai Mara in March:

sunrise masai mara

It’s a quieter month in the Mara, and less people about about means you have more wilderness to yourself to explore. With the first few drops of rain the Mara springs into life. The rain falls in late afternoon and evenings, making for cozy evenings in camp and spectacular sunrises and sunsets provide wonderful photographic opportunities.

Out on the plains the wildflowers, like the fireball lillies begin to bloom.

wildflowers masai mara

In camp the Warburgia trees are fruiting which brings many elephant families into our camps and the surrounding woodlands.  We also see good numbers of elephant in the marshes. These family groups often have young calves among the herds and the males are often in musth looking for females in estrus. We also see troops of Sykes monkeys foraging for Warburgia fruit up in the tree canopy above the camps. With the elephant passing through camp the mongooses spring into action, scratching about in the elephant dung looking for insects to feed on.

elephant masai mara

The Mini migration:

March is the month for the first big annual migration of the year when zebra and wildebeest arrive in large numbers (approx. 300,00

0) from the Loita hills and conservation areas and cover the plains around the Masai Mara. Wildebeest are also calving or have just calved by this time.

Baby  Animals:

hyena pups masai mara

There is a plethora of baby animals about from warthogs, giraffes, elephants, hyenas, zebras and eland calves among the big herds. Giraffe also give birth at this time of year. Hippos give birth and even from camp we have sighting of mothers and tiny hippo calves on the riverbanks and quiet river bends close to camp. There are literally babies everywhere even the genet cat who took up residence at Il Moran had kittens in March last year which she hid near the bar tent and we have had sighting of serval kittens out on the plains.

Go to the Mara to see it all for yourself. One of our safari specialists can help plan your trip, just give us a call!

Photos and report courtesy Governors Camps