Great Zimbabwe

March 11, 2014  By: Gretchen

Great-Zimbabwe-2Many people don’t realize that Zimbabwe is home to a site of major historical significance. Starting around 1100 AD, the town of Great Zimbabwe was a major hub in a booming trading empire in Southern Africa. The city flourished for over 400 years, and its inhabitants left behind such amazing stone structures that it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986.

Today, visitors to the 800 hectare site are treated to exploring a variety of stone structures that are unique within Africa. Perhaps most impressive is the Great Enclosure, a circular monument made of cut granite and aligned all in curves. At a maximum height of over 33 feet, it is the largest pre-Colonial structure in Africa south of the Sahara.Singita Pamushana pool

Great Zimbabwe is a must-see on any trip to Zimbabwe. Stay at the luxurious Singita Pamushana camp nearby where visitors can take in some world-class game viewing, spa treatments, wonderful accommodation and excellent food and wine. We can add a visit to Great Zimbabwe and Singita Pamushana to any customized Southern Africa itinerary – contact one of our safari specialists to see how it might fit into your safari!

Great Zimbabwe photo courtesy Jan Derk